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12yr “The Hold Up”

Every now and then, a bourbon comes along that stops you in your tracks. This 12-yr could just have easily been called, “The Showstopper.” Highlighting all the best characteristics from our barrel offerings, this beautiful bourbon carries subtle notes of dried plums, blueberries, and stone fruit along with earthy herbal undertones of thyme and dill. The union of these flavors results in a balanced, rich and velvety bourbon that lingers in the mouth and reveals yet more secrets with every sip. The first in our Sunday Shift Trilogy, we hope you enjoy “The Holdup” as much as we do!

Binny’s –
Another fruit bomb of a nose but with darker overall notes. Grilled peach, plum, raisin, spicy cinnamon, vanilla candy, nougat, and clove all layered over caramel and brown sugar. On the palate caramel and fruit from the nose lead the way with a robust backbone of cinnamon, clove, and black pepper with a sweet touch of molasses and vanilla. The finish is lovely, with spice slowly fading away into rolling waves of fruit, vanilla, and caramel. The Hold Up most definitely warrants a second glass, as this is quality bourbon on full display.

Bounty Hunter Wine –
Every now and then, a bourbon comes along that makes you stop and think. This 12-year made us take a long pause and rethink the rest of our day. This stunning bourbon shows subtle notes of raisins, blueberries, and stone fruit along with a welcome, yet unexpected hint of fresh thyme. These flavors meld beautifully in a balanced, rich and silky bourbon that lingers. This is as edgy and slick as the crew in the heist classic, Heat. We hope you take some time, and just hold up, while you’re savoring this exceptional bourbon.

Whiskey Advocate Magazine –
The Hold Up 94 Points “Outstanding -A Whiskey of Superior Character and Style”

6yr “The Jokester”

Nothing quite brings people together like a beautifully balanced bourbon. This 6-yr carries notes of richness with deep flavor – dried fruit and toasted nuts, sultry vanilla, and a kiss of creme brulee – all this resulting in a bourbon that is light yet complex, with a depth and complexity entirely its own. Sometimes the funny guy is full of surprises. Please enjoy Part 2 in the Sunday Shift Trilogy. Lucky 7 is pleased to present “The Jokester.”

Binny’s –
A dense and fruity nose of peach and cherry cobbler, fresh cinnamon, and buttered brioche and toasted oak. Fruit leads on the palate with caramel and vanilla underneath adding plush sweetness before waves of cinnamon and oak spice crescendo. The finish is well balanced with oak spice and cinnamon drifting into caramel soaked peach and cherry with a hit of vanilla bean. A bourbon showing nice depth and complexity with a full body.

Bounty Hunter Wine –
The Jokester is a supple, well-balanced bourbon with notes of toffee, caramel, vanilla, dried fruits and a hint of bright red fruits. It’s decidedly complex, yet easy to read… a trait that reminds us of the late, great Mitch Hedberg. Laugh along with us and enjoy a couple swigs of this!

Whiskey Advocate Magazine –
The Jokester 92 Points “Outstanding -A Whiskey of Superior Character and Style”

12yr Single Barrel “The Proprietor”

Being the boss has its perks. You see, once in a while you come across a barrel so special you wouldn’t dare blend it with anything else. It rises above the rest with such character and individuality that you just have to let it be. It’s a special bottle indeed that comes with the name The Proprietor. We are delighted to offer these single barrel releases.

Barrel #5 – SOLD OUT!

Barrel #7 – SOLD OUT!

Barrel #9 – SOLD OUT!

Limited Release Double Oak "The Holiday Toast"

Introducing our newest release for the holidays appropriately named “The Holiday Toast”! This Straight Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey was aged for a number of years and then finished in heavily toasted new American oak barrels. Clocking in at a mouthwatering 115 Proof this smooth bourbon will be the “must have” this holiday season.

On the nose: Roasted Cranberries, pine, mulling spices, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, and gingerbread.
On the palate: Cinnamon, nutmeg allspice, snickerdoodle cookies, literally The Holiday’s in a glass.
The finish: Holiday spices, mulled cider, cinnamon, nutmeg, fresh baked gingerbread.
Limited Release: Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Proof: 115
ABV: 57.5%

Whiskey Consensus – 9/10 Score ; “The Holiday Toast! It’s an exceptional bourbon and I would absolutely recommend picking up a bottle.” “Wonderful Finish”, “Classic Bourbon Nose”, “Quintessential Holiday Bourbon”