Can I buy Lucky 7?

You can buy directly from our website we ship to 44 states.
We are currently being sold in the following states: KY, TN, OK, NY, NJ, MO, CO, FL, IL, WI, MN, MA, AK, TX and Canada
***this is always changing so we never like to list these state by state***

Where does Lucky 7 source its bourbon from?

Lucky 7 is strictly a Kentucky brand and only sources their bourbon from a small select group of prestigious Kentucky distilleries. They DO NOT source form MGP

What is Lucky 7's Mash Bill?

Because Lucky 7 sources from a handful of KY distilleries, the mash bills can be different at times. Lucky 7’s magic happens during the Post Distillation process aka Blending.

Where is Lucky 7's distillery?

Lucky 7 does not own a distillery, all their bottling and blending are contracted out at Bardstown Bourbon Co on behalf of Lucky 7.

Does Lucky 7 use actual barrels or staves for their finished expressions?

Lucky 7 only uses new/virgin oak barrels that are custom ordered to finish their expressions in. They do not finish bourbon using staves in a container.

Does Lucky 7 have plans of owning a distillery?

Lucky 7 currently has “new fill” contracts with well known disterlleries in KY to produce their own bourbon but will never own their own distillery.

Who does the blending for Lucky 7?

Ashley Barnes is the Master Blender for Lucky 7.

How many expressions does Luck 7 have?

Lucky 7 currently offers a number of different expressions ranging from Single Barrels to Barrel Finished and Small Batch expressions.